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Report: Gutfeld Pressure May Have Pushed Williams to Quit ‘The Five’

Williams announced last week he would be leaving the program when it returns to NYC for production

Eduardo Razo



Juan Williams announced last week he was leaving his co-host position on Fox News’ program, “The Five.” Williams cited being closer to family in Washington D.C. as the show was ready to begin recording at its studio at Fox News Media’s headquarters in New York City.

However, family reasons might not be the only reason that Williams departed the show. According to The Daily Beast, “multiple sources familiar with the matter” revealed that the run-ins with colleague Greg Gutfeld were a reason for Williams’ departure.

The report states that Gutfeld wanted “The Five” to return to the studio for its recording and felt that the only reason they were shooting remote was due to Williams, who had contracted COVID-19 last December

One network insider revealed to The Daily Beast that Gutfeld was “really pissed they’re not all back in the studio together, and he blames Juan for not being back.” 

An ex-Fox News producer stated they were “very confident” that Gutfeld was behind Williams’ exit. Then there’s a current staffer on the network who added, “[Gutfeld’s] been wanting the show back in the studio for quite some time.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that much,” another former Fox News staffer said. “Gutfeld has been a rising star at Fox for some time, and Juan has been known to get in some pretty heated debates. So with those two egos going at each other regularly, I could see it happening.”

Despite these claims, a Fox News spokesperson debunked these rumors of Gutfeld having anything to do with Williams’ departure. “Gutfeld had nothing to do with the move whatsoever,” the spokesperson said. Furthermore, they referred to the comments made by showrunner Megan Albano as the reason Williams left. 

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  1. Bunny

    May 31, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    Why are you blaming Greg for Juan’s leaving The Five. Juan became extremely argumentative with Greg, Jessie, Dagon and Katie. For the past month Juan had a resting bitch face everyday, he would shake his head and roll his eyes! He would come up with such ridiculous comments and pure made up lies. If you would ask all the fans what they think of Juan leaving you would get mostly we are glad he is no longer on The Five👍

  2. Ann Marie

    May 31, 2021 at 9:39 pm

    I am delighted that Juan is leaving the five. I really did not like his expressions on his face when
    he didn’t like what he was hearing. He is a screwed up democrat so go and don’t let the door hit

  3. Loren Cardin

    June 1, 2021 at 1:15 pm

    Why blame everyone else. He did it to himself. Everything was everyone else’s fault or Trump’s fault while he was on the Five. He was horrible.

  4. Linda Curzon

    June 1, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    I am over the moon for his departure. I had almost stopped watching the show. He did roll his eyes shake his head when anyone else spoke. An obnoxious Democrat . Thank you so much for side lining him on this show.

  5. Sue

    June 1, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    I detested Juan. He should have been removed years ago. The lies he spoke were sickening. Most times he spoke I muted the TV. The faces he made were rude and uncalled for. Glad you are gone and I hope never to see you on Fox again.

  6. PSF

    June 1, 2021 at 9:37 pm

    I really do not watch the Lies….oh I mean the five…🤣

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Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes Negotiating Exits From GMA3

ABC News has reportedly been negotiating with the anchors this week about an amicable exit, with talks advancing “to the final stages”.

Barrett News Media



According to a report from CNN’s Oliver Darcy, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are negotiating their exits from GMA3.

The anchors of Good Morning America’s third hour have been embroiled in a monthslong controversy after a reported romantic relationship between the anchors was revealed. The pair — who are each separately married — have remained off the air since the relationship was uncovered by The Daily Mail.

ABC News has reportedly been negotiating with the anchors this week about an amicable exit, with talks advancing “to the final stages”.

One source told Darcy that blame lies at the feet of both the anchors and ABC.

“There is a lot of frustration on all sides that it could have been handled better,” the source claimed.

A December report from The Confider claimed that ABC News staffers had grown tired of the coverage and the actions of the anchors, with one source saying “It’s an f—ed-up situation and there’s probably going to have to be some sacrificial lambs.”

After Robach and Holmes were temporarily removed from their positions, GMA3 saw a slight decrease in viewership.

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Cenk Uygur: Forcing DirecTV to Carry Newsmax Isn’t Capitalism

Cenk Uygur outlined why forcing a company like DirecTV to carry Newsmax doesn’t align with the United States’ capitalist views.

Eduardo Razo



Newsmax is no longer available for DirecTV subscribers and while the CEO Chris Ruddy believes that the company’s goal was to censor the network, “The Young Turk’s” Cenk Uygur doesn’t think that’s the case.

Uygur put together a thread on Thursday where he outlined why forcing a company like DirecTV to carry Newsmax doesn’t align with the United States’ capitalist views. 

“I don’t know how much Newsmax asked for, but ten cents per subscriber is in the ballpark of a channel of that size,” Uygur tweeted. “That would mean they were asking for $66 million a year. Now conservatives are saying @DIRECTV should be made to pay that ransom because of political correctness.

“… When the government forces one company to pay another company because they like the politics of the second company is that socialism or communism?”

Uygur corrected the math on the second tweet as he roughly estimated how much Newsmax wants to reach an agreement with DirecTV. 

“Number of households I used for this calculation is wrong,” Uygur tweeted. “@DIRECTV is in 13.5 million households, so in this hypothetical the right-wing is demanding that they give just a $16.2 million to Newsmax. Forcing a company to pay someone else $16M is still not anywhere near capitalism.”

On Wednesday, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy appeared on The Howie Carr Show to discuss the situation and claimed DirecTV got exactly what it wanted.

“This is a blow. Their de-platforming of us was more than symbolic. It was vicious,” Ruddy said. “We’ve been on AT&T DirecTV for over five years, never had a real problem. We were up for renewal on our cable agreements — and like a lot of start-up channels — we weren’t paid a license fee.”

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CNBC Reshuffles Lineup, Brian Sullivan Takes Over Shepard Smith’s 7 pm Hour

CNBC president KC Sullivan announced several programming and anchor changes to the network, including naming the replacement for Shepard Smith’s 7 pm Hour.

Eduardo Razo



CNBC president KC Sullivan announced several programming and anchor changes to the network (h/t TV Newser).

Sara Eisen moves from Closing Bell to co-anchor the 10 am. ET hour of Squawk on the Street, joining Carl Quintanilla and David Faber. As part of Eisen’s arrival, Squawk on the Street will be extended to a second hour, 11 am-12 pm. 

The second hour will replace TechCheck, and be co-anchored by Quintanilla and Eisen from the New York Stock Exchange, where the pair will continue to bring the analysis of the markets and economy.

Morgan Brennan will shift from Squawk on the Street to Closing Bell: Overtime, co-anchoring the broadcast with Jon Fortt from Englewood Cliffs HQ. Senior markets commentator Michael Santoli will provide daily analysis into Closing Bell: Overtime from the New York Stock Exchange. 

Fortt recently co-hosted TechCheck, which will take on a different form — a franchise with several daily segments across Business Day anchored by Deirdre Bosa from the San Francisco bureau.

Scott Wapner transitions as host of Closing Bell: Overtime (4 pm) to Closing Bell at 3 pm and continues to host Halftime Report at Noon ET. Halftime Report will now broadcast live from the New York Stock Exchange. Furthermore, Frank Holland will anchor Worldwide Exchange.

Nonetheless, the most notable announcement concerns CNBC’s 7 pm hour, which has been vacant since the network decided to cancel The News with Shepard Smith back in November. The business news channel is filling that hour with a new show named Last Call, anchored by Brian Sullivan.

“Last Call is a fast-paced, entertaining business show that explores the intersection of money, culture and policy,” Sullivan, the network president, wrote in a staff memo. 

“Through panels, debates and newsmakers, Last Call will not only deliver fresh takes on the biggest business topics of the day, but also shine a light on the other important stories that our viewers may have missed, all with an eye on what’s going to matter to the markets the next day.”

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