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Can You Predict Which Super Bowl Commercial Will Be Most Popular?

I have viewed, rated, and commented on all the commercials listed on the USA Today Super Bowl LVII Ad-Meter, and every other spot I could confirm will run during the game.

Andy Bloom



What gives the Super Bowl its ginormous appeal are the elements that extend beyond the football game, which of course, itself has enormous appeal.

The half-time entertainment mainly was college marching bands during the first ten Super Bowls. My father took me to Super Bowl X at the Orange Bowl in 1976, where “Up with People” was the half-time entertainment.

One of the highlights of my life was nine years later when my radio career made it possible for me to obtain tickets (thanks to the Green Bay Packers) to Super Bowl XIX (the Montana vs. Marino Super Bowl). The Air Force provided half-time entertainment that year.

In 1991, New Kids on the Block started the contemporary music trend. It reached stratospheric levels when Michael Jackson performed in 1993. In the 30 years since then, it’s been a who’s who of music’s biggest stars.

Since its inception in 1967, the Super Bowl has generated large audiences. With rare exceptions, it is the most-watched show of the year.

The Super Bowl has also long been a prime showcase for products and services to advertise. Within the first ten years of the Super Bowl, advertisers used it to unveil their new commercials with high-budget productions. One of the first I recall is Xerox’s “Monk” spot.

In 1979 a couple of highly memorable and two of the all-time great commercials debuted in the Super Bowl, including Budweiser’s, Here Comes the King, and especially Coke’s “Hey Kid Catch,” featuring ‘Mean’ Joe Green.

However, the modern era of Super Bowl high-stakes advertising sweepstakes began with Apple’s “1984” spot for its new Macintosh computer. The spot, produced by Ridley Scott, is still widely regarded as the best Super Bowl commercial ever. It ran on television only once during the 1984 Super Bowl. Every producer aims to create the buzz the 1984 sport did.

Since then, the commercial breaks, when people usually socialized, refilled their food platters, or used the facilities, became an essential part of the Super Bowl entertainment experience – especially for non-football fans or fans whose teams aren’t in the “Big Game.”

In 1989, USA Today introduced the Ad-Meter. During the 1988 election, Gannett, owner of USA Today, employed “dial technology” to measure real-time debate responses. During debates, panelists were assembled and given a handheld device with a dial. They turned it further to the right, the more they liked what they heard/saw, and the left, the less they liked it.

USA Today decided to try using the dials to measure commercials during the 1989 Super Bowl with a total of 300 panelists at various locations across the country.

By the 25th anniversary of the ad-meter measurement moved online. Over (approximately) the past ten years, anybody can rate most of the commercials before the game online. While the research is no longer pure research, the sheer number of participants does make it interesting.

Here’s a list of the winner of USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad-Meter every year from 1989 through last year, according to participants who registered and rated every single Super Bowl commercial that’s won.

1989: American Express, Saturday Night Live – Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz

1990: Nike, Announcers and athletes – HoF announcers Don Cherry & Pat Summerall

1991: Diet Pepsi, New jingle spreads around the world – Ray Charles

1992: Nike, Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny – Air Jordan

1993: McDonald’s, Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird

1994: Pepsi, chimp experiment goes awry

1995: Pepsi, Boy gets sucked into Pepsi bottle

1996: Pepsi, Coke driver nabs Pepsi – Coke guy caught on camera (Your cheatin’ heart)

1996: Pepsi, Bears dance to Village People tune

1998: Pepsi, Flying geese – Troy Hartman

1999: Budweiser, Dalmatians get different jobs – separated at birth

2000: Budweiser, Rex the dog recalls worst day

2001: Bud Light, Cedric the Entertainer’s dream date goes awry

2002: Bud Light, Romantic evening goes awry with satin sheets

2003: Budweiser, Football-playing Clydesdales turn to zebra referee to review call on replay

2004: Bud Light, Owners demonstrate how their dogs fetch Bud Light (SB XXXVIII)

2006: Bud Light, A secret fridge stocks Bud Light

2007: Budweiser, Crabs worship Bud ice chest

2008: Budweiser, Dalmatian trains Clydesdale to make beer wagon team

2009: Doritos, Crystal ball sees free Doritos

2010: Snickers, Betty White, Abe Vigoda play in a casual football game

2011: Bud Light, Dog sitter puts dogs to work and Doritos, Dog’s revenge for Doritos teasing (tie)

2012: Doritos, Dog bribes cat owner

2013: Budweiser, Horse and trainer reunited

2014: Budweiser, Puppy Love

2015: Budweiser, Lost Dog  (SB

2016: Hyundai, First Date (SB  L)

2017: Kia, Hero’s Journey  (SB LI)

2018: Amazon, Alexa Loses Her Voice (SB LII)

2019: NFL, The 100-Year Game

2020: Jeep, Groundhog Day – Bill Murray

2021: Rocket Mortgage: Certain Is Better – Tracy Morgan

2022: Rocket Mortgage: Anna Kendrick and Barbie Dream House SB LVI  

Finally, I have viewed, rated, and commented on all the commercials listed on the USA Today Super Bowl LVII Ad-Meter, and every other spot I could confirm will run during the game. Although this column isn’t posted until after the game, I rated the commercial more than 24 hours ahead of it.

I rated 35 spots and saw teasers for two more.

I predict the top spots will come from:

  • M&M
  • Planters
  • Uber One
  • Michelob Ultra – (the Club New Members Day one)

Also doing well – and could be the winner

  • Pringles
  • Farmers Dog
  • Dorritos – Jack’s New Angle
  • Pepsi Zero

Ad-Meter 2023 – My ratings (predictions) before game time.

  1. Door Dash – We Get Groceries. 6.5. Meh,
  2. The Farmers Dog. 7.5. Dogs and kids, cute, awww
  3. Paramount – A Mountain of Entertainment, The Stallone face: 8. I liked, Philly will like, but I doubt the country will score as high
  4. Crown Royal – Thank You Canada  – Dave Grohl: 5. Dave Grohl isn’t Canadian, and why are we thanking Canada during the Super Bowl anyways?
  5. Pepsi Zero – Great Acting or great Taste – Steve Martin: 6.5. Just not enough payoff
  6. Pepsi Zero – Great Acting or Great Taste – Ben Stiller + Rachel Dratch: 6.5. Again, not enough payoff
  7. E-Trade – Baby Commercial – Wedding: 4.5. Cute but they’ve done this too many times. They need to come up with something new.
  8. Downy – Downy Anstopables – Call me Downy McBride: 6. Kinda dumb but not awful. This is the kind of spot that tests on ad-meter.
  9. Kia – Kia Telluride X-Pro All-Terrain AWD SUV – Binky Dad: 6.5. Binky Dad, seriously? Minus one point for a crying baby SFX (not going to go well during SB parties). Plus, ½ point for the Rocky theme.
  10. WeatherTech – We All Win: 6.5. I love the, “made in the USA message,” which will test well to the NFL’s core audience but the production values don’t stand out.
  11. Squarespace – The Singularity – Adam Driver: 3.5. It looked more like it was from the Matrix to me. I guess they couldn’t get Keanu Reeves.  
  12. T-Mobile Home Internet – New Year. New Neighbor – John Travolta: 4. Disclosure: I HATE T-Mobile’s campaign with the two guys who are ostensibly neighbors – it’s inauthentic. I have no idea why T-Mobile thought to reprise Grease in 2023. Is this the kick-off of the 45th anniversary of the movie’s release? Seeing “Danny” with a beard and a shaved head doesn’t work and with “Sandy’s” (Olivia Newton-John) passing last year, none of this made any sense to me. The highlight was the shot at Xfinity, when it’s truck drove by at the end, which I might have missed watching during the game.
  13. Busch – The Busch Guide, Cold Survival Skills: 8. There is a jarring cut that, again, I may have missed during the game, but watching online worked for me. I found the joke funny. I’m not sure the overall audience will, especially women. On this one I’m voting what I think, not what I believe the general audience will.
  14. Google Pixel – FixedonPixel – Amy Schumer and others: 6. It’s a 90 second spot that would have been better as a 60, and maybe a 30. The setup is way too long. There’s no way I would have been paying attention by the time the action kicks in. They over thought it.
  15. Skechers – Snoop Dog, Tony Romo, Martha Stewart: 4. Please, make it stop. No more Snoop Dog endorsements. And no more Romo and Martha Stewart, for that matter too. Skechers should be more original.
  16. Workday – Rockstar: 5.5. I was wrong. Somebody is more overexposed than Snoop Dog, Ozzy – although Paul Stanley is the main character in this spot (somehow they couldn’t get Gene Simmons), plus several other B-players. The idea is cute, “quit calling people at work a rock star. But at $7M (average for 30 seconds), Super Bowl newcomer Workday could have done much more effective targeted marketing. They will undoubtedly release a statement about how much talk their spot generated – all of which will fade away in 72 hours).
  17. Pringles – Best of Us: 8. Solid. The ultra-sound picture put me over the top. It will test well.
  18. Uber One – One Hit for Uber One: 8.5. I’m about halfway through, but this is a potential winner.
  19. Rakuten – Not so Clueless: 4. There is a lot of nostalgia in the spots. Alicia Silverstone reprises her role in the 1990s film “Clueless.” Maybe I’m clueless about the movie. Perhaps Gen Z and women will get it.
  20. Michelob Ultra Club – New Members Day – Serena Williams, Brian Cox, Tony Romo: 8.5. This is a strong candidate for the ad-meter winner for 2023. The Caddyshack theme and music give it a nostalgic feel, but it stars contemporary people, although established with upper demo appeal – even if I have to watch Tony Romo with a small role. It is humorous but not a belly laugh.
  21. Dorritos – Jack’s New Angle: 7.5. Dorritos has won (or tied for first) three times since 2009. Last year it was third. Underestimate its efforts at your peril. Just as I thought they missed this year by targeting exclusively younger with Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott came the surprise ending with Sir Elton John. Although I don’t think it’s the winner, it’s a solid effort.
  22. – Somewhere, Anywhere with Melissa McCarthy: 6. Well produced. I get the message. I don’t think I’ll remember it later.

Not on the ad-meter list but found on search.

  • Draft-Kings – Kevin Hart, Big Poppy, Ludacris, Tony Hawk, The Undertaker: 5.5. They focused more on how many cameos they could squeeze in. The answer is so many that there was no message. Either do an extended spot or fewer cameos.
  • Remy Martin – Inch by Inch – Serena Williams – spot not available just a six second teaser which looks interesting. Williams second spot of SB LVII.
  • Avocados from Mexico – Anna Faris in the Garden of Eden: 5.5. Meh.
  • M&M’s – Maya Rudolph: 9. It’s a little unfair because Mars Candies has already pumped the prime with a 15-second online teaser which has generated a “controversy.” The follow-up SB spot is a candidate for the highest testing spot of SB LVII.
  • Heineken 0.0 – Ant-man and the Wasp – Now you Can: 4.5. Maybe I’m just not an Antman fan? It’s way too complicated of a premise and production for a 30-second spot.
  • Coors Light – The High Stakes Beer Ad – Anheuser Busch has had exclusive beer advertising rights in the Super Bowl for three decades. Molson Coors is only showing a teaser ad online for its Miller Lite and Coors Lite products. It’s complicating matters by involving Draft Kings in a competition to see which is best. At least thus far, I don’t get it.
  • General Motors and Netflix – Will Ferrell: 3.5. This may test better than I give it, because I hate everything about it. Both companies can afford to run their own ads. I hate what GM has become as well. I’m rating this based on what I feel.
  • Turbo Tax – Don’t do Your Taxes – Safety Dance: 6. Cute. It reminds me of the old spot Bob Michelson syndicated: “Cuz.” The spot could have been a home run if they had cast it better, synchronized the fountains to the music or dancing and, maybe a few tighter shots. How can I see this but people who make TV commercials and then spend $7M for 30 seconds can’t, or am I wrong?
  • Popcorners – Breaking Bad: 6.5. Ten years after “Breaking Bad” went off the air, Pop Corners reunites Bryan Cranstong and Aaron Paul. Nice but is this the best use of marketing dollars for Pop Corners?
  • Fanduel – Kick of Destiny – Gronk: 5.5. Maybe there are 10 people staring in 80% of the commercials starting with Snoop Dog, Tony Romo, and Gronk. Are they really going to have time for Gronk to attempt a field goal in addition to Rihanna?
  • Hellmann’s – Make Taste Not Waste – Jon Hamm, Brie Larson and Pete Davidson: 3.5. Agh. There are two more to add to the list, Hamm and Davidson. And the line “I’m going to eat you two guys.” Does Hellmann’s really belong in the Super Bowl?
  • Planters – Jeff Ross & Mr. Peanut: 7.5. If this had come earlier, I might have rated it lower. After watching spots with the same people, endorsing every product advertised, seeing Jeff Ross and a one-hundred-plus-year company mascot felt strangely refreshing.
  • Bud light – Hold – Miles and Keleigh Teller: 7. Adorable. Women will love it. Feels authentic enough but men will keep it out of the finals.
  • Budweiser – Six Degrees of Separation: 5.5. A huge disappointment for a Budweiser Super Bowl spot. I gave it an extra half point just because it is an A-B spot.
  • Warner Brothers – The Flash: 5.0. Movie spots typically haven’t fared well in the Super Bowl. Neither will this one.

Let’s see if I predicted how the public rated them.

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BNM Writers

Tucker Carlson Sees Ratings Surge With January 6th Videos

The Mar. 7th edition (4.165 million) topped all cable telecasts in total viewers that week.

Doug Pucci



Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight has featured the host’s many polarizing claims. The ones made on the Mar. 6th and 7th editions of his show could be labeled as among the most controversial.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had granted Carlson exclusive access to over 40,000 hours of January 6th security camera footage. On his FNC show across those two aforementioned evenings, Carlson denied an insurrection had taken place at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021; instead, it was “mostly peaceful chaos”, most who were there were mere “sightseers”, and that the footage provided “conclusive” evidence “proving” Democrats “lied” about the events of that day.

On the Senate floor on the morning of Mar. 7, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called Carlson’s Mar. 6th show “one of the most shameful hours we have ever seen on cable television.”

The immense reach that Carlson’s rhetoric regularly attracts justified the high concern and swiftness of the condemnation and backlash. One glance at the ranks of the week’s top cable news programs at the end of this article, or any of this site’s past weekly news ratings items, can glean how highly popular Carlson is in, not only the cable news world, but also, the entire television landscape.

According to Nielsen Media Research, the Mar. 7th edition (4.165 million) topped all cable telecasts in total viewers that week and matched the live plus same-day total viewing figures for the 17th-ranked broadcast network show of the week ending Mar. 12, the CBS procedural East New York.

Carlson also took the week’s No. 2 and No. 3 spots on cable in total viewers; within the key 25-54 demographic, its Mar. 6th and 7th editions were tops for non-sports cable programs (it ranked 17th and 18th, respectively, in the demo with sports included, mostly from men’s college basketball conference tournament coverage on various outlets).

For Mar. 6-10, Tucker Carlson Tonight averaged 3.568 million total viewers, 469,000 with adults 25-54 and 312,000 with adults 18-49 — the program’s highest-rated week in all metrics since the week of the 2022 midterm elections (Nov. 7-11, 2022).

As a backdrop to all of this, it was revealed on Mar. 7 — due to the legal filings made public as part of Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News — that Carlson privately messaged colleagues he loathed Donald Trump and his presidency. (The release of that communication received no coverage at FNC.)

Cable news averages for March 6-12, 2023:

Total Day (Mar. 6-12 @ 6 a.m.-5:59 a.m.)

  • Fox News Channel: 1.359 million viewers; 172,000 adults 25-54
  • MSNBC: 0.673 million viewers; 71,000 adults 25-54
  • CNN: 0.408 million viewers; 81,000 adults 25-54
  • HLN: 0.155 million viewers; 41,000 adults 25-54
  • CNBC: 0.111 million viewers; 27,000 adults 25-54
  • Fox Business Network: 0.104 million viewers; 12,000 adults 25-54
  • The Weather Channel: 0.101 million viewers; 18,000 adults 25-54
  • Newsmax: 0.083 million viewers; 7,000 adults 25-54

Prime Time (Mar. 6-11 @ 8-11 p.m.; Mar. 12 @ 7-11 p.m.)

  • Fox News Channel: 2.237 million viewers; 274,000 adults 25-54
  • MSNBC: 1.088 million viewers; 108,000 adults 25-54
  • CNN: 0.443 million viewers; 95,000 adults 25-54
  • HLN: 0.199 million viewers; 53,000 adults 25-54
  • CNBC: 0.145 million viewers; 36,000 adults 25-54
  • The Weather Channel: 0.131 million viewers; 21,000 adults 25-54
  • Newsmax: 0.094 million viewers; 11,000 adults 25-54
  • NewsNation: 0.087 million viewers; 15,000 adults 25-54
  • Fox Business Network: 0.058 million viewers; 10,000 adults 25-54

Top 10 most-watched cable news programs (and the top programs of other outlets with their respective associated ranks) in total viewers:

1. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Tue. 3/7/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 4.136 million viewers

2. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Mon. 3/6/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.695 million viewers

3. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Wed. 3/8/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.622 million viewers

4. The Five (FOXNC, Tue. 3/7/2023 5:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.300 million viewers

5. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Thu. 3/9/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.289 million viewers

6. The Five (FOXNC, Wed. 3/8/2023 5:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.187 million viewers

7. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Fri. 3/10/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.099 million viewers

8. The Five (FOXNC, Mon. 3/6/2023 5:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.004 million viewers

9. The Five (FOXNC, Thu. 3/9/2023 5:00 PM, 60 min.) 2.982 million viewers

10. The Five (FOXNC, Fri. 3/10/2023 5:00 PM, 60 min.) 2.911 million viewers

24. Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC, Mon. 3/6/2023 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 2.253 million viewers

170. Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO, Fri. 3/10/2023 10:01 PM, 58 min.) 0.765 million viewers

178. Erin Burnett Outfront (CNN, Tue. 3/7/2023 7:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.698 million viewers

334. The Daily Show “Mar 8, 23 – Marlon Wayans” (CMDY, Wed. 3/8/2023 11:00 PM, 30 min.) 0.408 viewers

359. Last Week Tonight (HBO, Sun. 3/12/2023 11:05 PM, 34 min.) 0.348 million viewers 

388. Varney & Company (FBN, Fri. 3/10/2023 10:00 AM, 60 min.) 0.297 million viewers

392. Forensic Files (HLN, late Fri. 3/10/2023 12:30 AM, 30 min.) 0.290 million viewers

441. Fast Money Halftime Report (CNBC, Mon. 3/6/2023 12:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.241 million viewers

478. Heavy Rescue: 401 “(511) No Other Choice” (TWC, Sat. 3/11/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.221 million viewers

492. Newsnation: Rush Hour (NWSN, Mon. 3/6/2023 5:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.215 million viewers

Top 10 cable news programs (and the top  programs of other outlets with their respective associated ranks) among adults 25-54:

1. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Mon. 3/6/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.565 million adults 25-54

2. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Tue. 3/7/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.556 million adults 25-54

3. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Wed. 3/8/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.467 million adults 25-54

4. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Thu. 3/9/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.395 million adults 25-54

5. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Fri. 3/10/2023 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.365 million adults 25-54

6. The Five (FOXNC, Tue. 3/7/2023 5:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.363 million adults 25-54

7. Hannity (FOXNC, Tue. 3/7/2023 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.361 million adults 25-54

8. The Five (FOXNC, Thu. 3/9/2023 5:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.341 million adults 25-54

9. The Five (FOXNC, Wed. 3/8/2023 5:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.340 million adults 25-54

10. Gutfeld! (FOXNC, Tue. 3/7/2023 11:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.330 million adults 25-54

39. Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC, Mon. 3/6/2023 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.219 million adults 25-54

74. The Daily Show “Mar 8, 23 – Marlon Wayans” (CMDY, Wed. 3/8/2023 11:00 PM, 30 min.) 0.179 million adults 25-54

102. Low Country: Murdaugh Dynasty “2. Something In The Road” (CNN, Sat. 3/11/2023 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.152 million adults 25-54

165. Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO, Fri. 3/10/2023 10:01 PM, 58 min.) 0.115 million adults 25-54

195. Forensic Files (HLN, late Fri. 3/10/2023 1:00 AM, 30 min.) 0.105 million adults 25-54

222. Last Week Tonight (HBO, Sun. 3/12/2023 11:05 PM, 34 min.) 0.097 million adults 25-54

344. Shark Tank “Shark Tank 1102” (CNBC, Mon. 3/6/2023 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.070 million adults 25-54

498. Heavy Rescue: 401 “(508) This Aint Gonna Be Pretty” (TWC, Sat. 3/11/2023 5:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.047 million adults 25-54

505. Kudlow (FBN, Fri. 3/10/2023 4:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.045 million adults 25-54

552. Newsnation Prime (NWSN, Sun. 3/12/2023 7:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.039 million adults 25-54

Source: Live+Same Day data, Nielsen Media Research

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BNM Writers

Jayme West Grew From Small-Town Arizona Reporter to KTAR Anchor

“I think my radio job was paying $4 bucks an hour. You did not make a lot of money in a small town. I was always broke.”

Avatar photo



It’s natural for a young reporter to dream of being part of that huge story. You hope to cover the monumental event that puts your mark on journalism. Jayme West is a news anchor and co-host with Jim Sharpe on Arizona’s Morning News on 92.3FM KTAR. West learned there are stories embedded in your mind, details that will never diminish. The most memorable story for West was the aftermath of 9/11.

West traveled with Phoenix firefighters to New York. The first flight out of Phoenix after the terrorist attack was ten days out. As they drove down Lexington Avenue near the armory, every available light post was covered with posters of the faces of missing people. It was horrible, but I am honored to be part of that historic event.

“We went to ground zero and it was an incredible experience,” West said. “In the taxi from the airport to Manhattan, every available space was covered with an American flag. I’d just been to the top of the Trade Center three years before. To see it all reduced to a ten-story rubble, so compacted, it was disturbing.”

West remembers grabbing a cup of soup from one of the many food trucks that were feeding those on the ‘pile.’

“I was about to sit down on the threshold of a door, and I wiped the cement.  Then it hit me. The ashes from the seat could have been ashes of a human life.”

Delivering her 9/11 stories to Phoenix was difficult at times, but she had a job to do. West was there to relate to listeners what the Red Cross from Phoenix was doing. She talked with firefighters on the ‘pile.’ West described what was taking place at the Javits Center. To help listeners visualize what was going on.

West’s family moved to a small town, Pinetop-Lakeside. In high school, she always listened to the radio. In her bedroom was a record player with a microphone. West pretended she was running a radio station, spinning records, introducing songs.

When West finished high school, there were very few jobs for women in radio in town. “I played 45s,” she said. “I was not allowed to play two female artists in a row at the station. I learned everything there. We didn’t get free concert tickets. It was such a small town we didn’t get concerts.”

Spinning records was fine, but once she started doing news she loved it for several reasons.

“My parents were always behind me,” West said. “I think my radio job was paying $4 bucks an hour. You did not make a lot of money in a small town. I was always broke. Only one time did my father ask me if radio was the right career. But he never discouraged me from being in radio.”

While searching for news each morning, West said Twitter can be a solid source.

“I trust Twitter for news that is happening right at that moment,” West said. “With all the technology the news is right there. We won’t report on all of it, only what we can confirm. I started with a teletype. Ripped stuff off the AP wire. It’s amazing how much easier it has made my job.”

West said she does miss being out on the streets working on stories. Working leads with other reporters.

“I’m not out in the field anymore,” she said. “I monitor government agencies and law enforcement agencies.”

After thousands of stories, West has a few she can easily recall.

“British Airways was announcing their new Boeing 777,” she said. “We flew to London on a 747 and came back on the new 777. When we got to the airport they had the fire engines spraying water arches when we came through.”

West talked her way into the trip by telling her bosses she was doing a story on Yuma lettuce. Describing to listeners how the leafy vegetable made the trip from Arizona to the shelf in London the following day.

“While I was there we visited Piccadilly Square. We’d ask Londoners what they thought Arizona was like. One woman told us it’s where people cook beans, like in western movies. ‘It’s so hot there,’ they’d tell me. ‘If you don’t have an air conditioner you’ll die.’”

West didn’t attend college, but she could have. What she wouldn’t get in the classroom she made up for on the job.

“My experience came from life. From moments in history. I’ve met historical figures. I don’t regret missing college at all.”

West covered serial killers roaming the valley in 2008, the Serial Shooters. Two men were killing people at random. West spent time embedded with the Phoenix Police Department homicide division. She was with a detective from the initial call of a murdered woman. 

“I went to the crime scene,” West said. “The woman was a waitress at Denny’s. She won $1,200 at the casino and drove home where she was robbed and killed. I went to her autopsy, and we searched for bullet fragments in her car. We notified the family. It took a couple of years to catch the murderer.”

She was asked to witness an execution at a prison. She declined the invitation.

“That’s one of those unforgettable moments in life,” West said. “I realize they do need media witnesses, but I did not want that memory in my brain. I had the chance to fly with the Blue Angels but didn’t do it. No way I was going to barf on a fighter jet.”

For 20 years West has hosted Silent Witness on KTAR. This is a show that covers unsolved crimes and asks the public for help.

“I’ve been told it has been successful, but they can’t tell us specifics,” West said.

West and her husband purchased a cabin two hours north of Phoenix in Strawberry, Arizona. “When we want an escape, that’s where we go.”

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BNM Writers

Media Turns Attention to Mississippi After Deadly Tornadoes

Rick Schultz



As most Americans were winding down their work week in anticipation of a restful spring weekend, many unsuspecting Mississippi residents were hit with a blow of destruction that will change their lives forever.

Just after sundown on Friday, deadly tornadoes tore through the Magnolia State, taking the lives of dozens and causing massive damage through a 100-mile path across the state.

Hours later, Griff Jenkins detailed the emerging story on Saturday’s Fox News Live.  He welcomed Rev. Franklin Graham, President of the humanitarian aid group Samaritan’s Purse, and the two discussed the natural disaster and the immediate needs of the impacted citizens. 

“We have people on the ground right now, we have equipment en route, we will be set up this time tomorrow. We’ll be taking volunteers, trying to help people find their things and try to recover as much as they can,” Graham began. “But Griff, the most important thing right now is prayer. As the Governor, Tate, has said, the devastation will be felt forever in these communities. As is the loss of life, 23 people and the number will probably go up.” Sadly it has, in the few days since.

Since 1970, the world has grown accustomed to Samaritan’s Purse quickly offering assistance in times of trouble, both domestically and abroad. The group models its mission around Jesus’ command to “Go and Do Likewise,” after the Samaritan helped the hurting man that others had passed by in Luke’s Gospel.

“People need prayer that God would just comfort their hearts and He’d put his loving arms around them during this very difficult time,” Graham said. “The houses can be rebuilt after time. Businesses will come back after time. Those things can be fixed with time. But the loss of life, that’s so difficult and it’s going to be felt for a long time, as the Governor said, forever. And I agree with Governor Tate, we need to pray for the people.”

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) earlier had issued a statement which said, in part, “please pray for God’s hand to be over all who lost family and friends.”

For his part, Jenkins seemed to understand that God can often be heard best during times of tumult and difficulty.

“Prayer so important for people facing a very uncertain future,” Jenkins noted, as he recalled encountering Samaritan’s Purse in other disaster-ridden parts of America over the years. “If you can for our viewers, explain the challenges of getting in there and dealing with the destruction, and how you can help people.”

“First, we go in and we meet with the local officials, FEMA. We want to get their input and we don’t want to go down and get in people’s way,” Graham said. “We want to go to an area that certainly needs our help, where people haven’t gone. There will be other volunteer groups going in – Convoy of Hope and people like that will be responding – and so we all coordinate and we all work together.”

Graham said his organization basically spreads out and helps people in the most pragmatic ways possible.

“We’ll just go in and assess it and start helping,” he said. “We bring in volunteers. If a person’s house has been flattened, they’re looking maybe for a wedding ring or for pictures. Things that can’t be replaced. And our volunteers we’ll go in and help go through the rubble of the home, trying to find the valuables.

“Houses that just lost a roof but are still standing, we’ll have tarps so we can get the house back in the dry to keep it from being further damaged. The list just goes on and on, but we’ll take work orders and we go and help people that are asking for help. And we’ll be there. We’ll be there for some time, Griff. This is a bigger storm. You know, over a hundred miles and it’s just massive.”

Fox rolled footage of the destruction from Rolling Fork, Mississippi, which showed bridges, homes, roads and vehicles utterly destroyed.

“The first thing, for the local officials, this is search and rescue,” Graham said, noting that Samaritan’s Purse has been helping in similar conditions in Turkey since last month’s earthquake. “You’ve got to try to find people that may still be alive under the rubble. So you have to just stay out of the way and let the local authorities do what they do.

“And tomorrow things will begin to open up where we can come in and start helping the homeowners. But right now it’s search and rescue, and we need to pray for them. That if there’s somebody alive that God would direct them to them and get them out of that rubble right now, because time is very important.”

“ if you want to try and help and support Samaritan’s Purse. They are among the best in situations like this. And certainly bringing a lot of relief to those who need it the most right now ,” Jenkins concluded. “And of course, as you said Reverend – prayers, prayers for this community and all of those affected in this hundred mile path.”

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