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Barrett Media has established Barrett Sports Media and Barrett News Media as two of the premier online destinations for sports and news radio and television industry professionals, aspiring broadcasters, and media content consumers. Launched in 2015, BM has become a daily source for news, analysis, opinion, strategy, and storytelling on the sports and news media industries.

The company currently features more than twenty content writers, editors, web and social media staff, responsible for producing more than thirty pieces of daily content and two leading industry newsletters, which get delivered to ten thousand professionals per day. BM enjoys strong website readership to the tune of over four million page views per year. Additionally, the brand generates millions of social media impressions each month across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn thanks to being followed by more than twenty five thousand media industry professionals and fans.

Brands looking to benefit from partnership associations with BM are invited to get in touch with our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Stephanie Eads. Stephanie can share a variety of cost effective ways to help you accomplish your goals whether it involves traditional banner placement, newsletter branding, conference sponsorships, branded content or custom packages.

To help us further understand your objectives and connect you to the right opportunity, call Stephanie Eads at (415) 312-5553 or reach out by email at [email protected].

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